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P. N. Best and Co. Inc. has been a leader in the supply of steel pipe and piling since 1985. Paul Best, its founder, started his career with a major steel supplier in 1969, after completing a tour of duty with the Army in Vietnam. Supplying pipe for irrigation, well drilling and nuclear power plants in California gave Paul a great foundation.

In 1978, after moving to the Seattle area, Paul founded Best Pipe and Steel, Inc., which quickly became a leader in the distribution of pipe, H Pile and sheet piling to the foundation industry. Best Pipe and Steel Inc. was the first steel pipe supplier on the west coast to fabricate pipe to length. The fabrication service caught on with customers immediately, and soon the piles were being delivered fabricated to length, painted or galvanized with shoes or plates attached.

In 1985, P.N. Best and Co. Inc. was founded. A pipe storage yard was established in Puyallup, Washington and two state-of -the-art welding lines were designed and built on site. Aside from ownership of one of the largest inventories on the west coast and the best material handling facility, the key to the success of P.N. Best and Co. Inc. has been its crew.

P.N. Best and Co., the Piling experts are here to help your business order piling for your specific needs.

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  • H Piling both Foreign and Domestic
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Our Valuable Team Members

Luke Jacobson
Luke Jacobson, the son of Jake, has been working for our company for several years. Luke started out in our yard loading trucks and cutting and welding. Luke joined our sales team with a great foundation for sales.
Jake Jacobson
Darwin “Jake” Jacobson has been with our company for more than 20 years. Jake has an extensive background in material handling and transportation. When the Alaska Pipeline was being built, it was Jake’s job to get that pipe to the north slope of Alaska.
Jim Hesketh
Jim Hesketh , has been with our company for more than 15 years. Jim had a background of material handling with several major companies even working for the early Best Pipe and Steel. Jim eventually managed one of the larger steel companies before being hired by Paul.
Dennis Garrity
Dennis Garrity, a Navy Seabee Vet brought with him the ability to repair and run any kind of machinery. Dennis is our yard superintendent and always on the run to make sure that our pipe is delivered to our customers just the way they want it: Right, and right on time.

P.N. Best and Co. Inc. for the most part is a smooth working organization. That would not be possible except for our behind the scenes people, our certified welders, Joe Pursche and Jason Garrity, who do all the real work, and our office staff, Karla Bykerk, who make sure all the loose ends are tied together.